My Art

Silhouette drawing of a person with a rainbow brain
Yay, silhouettes!

I am an artist for wikiHow. All art on this blog is drawn by me, unless stated otherwise.

I’ve been drawing ever since my dad taught me how to hold a crayon, so it has been over 2 decades now. Drawing people and faces has always been especially interesting to me. I would fill notebooks with sketches of autistic girls, long before I knew what autism was.

It’s very ironic to be an artist with impaired fine motor skills. I rely heavily on the undo button, the lasso tool, and the stabilization settings. My linearts used to be incredibly messy, but I think I’m getting better at it.

I draw in Clip Studio, and I love making use of the premade patterns, backgrounds, and 3D models. I use a graphics tablet that’s about a decade old, but still very functional.

Advice for starting art

Once upon a time, I was a beginner too.

For beginning artists, I’d recommend a program like GIMP or Krita, both of which are free. If you want to invest in your digital art, start by either using a tablet or buying a graphics tablet for your computer. Consider buying a program only after you’ve decided that you draw enough for it to be worth it.

Also, don’t get discouraged if your art looks like garbage. My art used to look awful, and I went through some genuinely ugly phases. (I’m sure you can find some of that on the internet if you look hard enough.) All that practice got me to where I am today, and I’m sure that 5 years from now I’ll think that my current art looks ugly and juvenile. That’s okay. Learning and growing is a sign that you’re getting better.

And no matter what, don’t feel discouraged if your art doesn’t look anything like mine yet. I’ve got like 20 years of practice. I’d better hope that my art is better than that of a beginner.

And in 20 years… who knows how skilled you’ll be?