About The Blog

I’m blogging about myself, my life, and my ideas.

I do not control the ads. Ads about autism may say… iffy… things. Please feel free to report an ad if you think it is promoting something of dubious ethics.

About Me

My name is Luna. I am an autistic young adult. I was diagnosed at age 18. My interests include writing and drawing. You may have seen me around before. And don’t worry, wikiHow does have permission to use my artwork.

I prefer to be called “autistic,” not a “person with autism.” Please do not assume I am “high-functioning” because I am able to type.

My Positions

I believe that all people with disabilities deserve respect, acceptance, and accommodation. I believe that training people to assimilate can be harmful. I believe that disabled people deserve to have a say in how we are treated. Yes, that includes your child. No, I don’t care if you see them as “low-functioning.” I still believe in a future where they get to have a say.

You can consider me a feminist. I support LGBTQ+ people, including transgender people and people who sometimes get left out (like asexual people and nonbinary people). I believe that creating a better world means including women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups.

I have no interest in arguing with people who do not respect me, or who do not respect other human beings. You aren’t “edgy” or “original” or “honest about the hardships that autism causes for burdened family members,” just boring and kind of a jerk. You have a million other places to share your obnoxious opinions. Consider this a “no trespassing” sign.